Boost ROI With These Surefire E-Learning Content Repurposing Tips

Content Repurposing Tips

Repurposing content could be the best way to get a half job done when creating new content from scratch.

But that’s not the ultimate technique.

Repurposing content isn’t about copying and pasting content in portions from existing blogs or a random website.

Instead, repurposing is about recycling content with a certain tweak that, without disrespecting the rules of plagiarism, contributes to value-addition in a new blog post or article.

In short, we need to squeeze value and information from the existing blog posts rather than words.

It is an art studied by most experts before providing content writing services.

And if you are also considering repurposing content without knowing how it will help you boost ROI for your e-learning objective, these Content Repurposing Tips might help.

Find Out Which Posts are Excelling

Jump straight to your old blog post library, where your most popular content keeps your website’s position up on the search results.

Source information from this content and use it as a main highlight of your repurposed content but through a different angle. You can create links between existing and new posts to benefit from link juice.

You can comment on those posts through your new content; best if you go to learn some new info through existing content or blog post.

Extract Info from Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn

Social Media platforms are unarguably the best place to extract information. Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are a treasure of inspiration.

But by using social media posts, we literally don’t mean with simple embedding. Instead, we will be using it in a professional way, like we can create a snippet of a tweet or a LinkedIn message.

Alternatively, screenshots from social media platforms are also the finest tool that can be used in your repurposed article or blog posts.

Tweaks are necessary if you are using tweets or social media posts of third-party platforms.

Design Infographics from Blog Posts

Designing infographics from blog posts is also the best part of repurposing. Content writing agencies utilize this strategy smartly.

Your content is the source of information. You still might have certain things that can add value to your new content creation.

However, it can be an infographic created from the blog post comment or anything which you can fuse within your new masterpiece. Try keeping it relevant and not just stretching the length of a blog post to benefit from SEO.

Turn Similar Topic into Video or Audio

Repurposing or re-writing existing blog posts and topics is strictly against the game. Rather than that, you should better have it transformed into a video or audio.

By doing so, your single content will be made accessible to the audience through a new format which will help you attract more audiences from different sources.

It has also been seen that Video & Audio were found to boost users’ retention on the website, which will automatically lead to an ROI boost for a website.

Post Snippets of Existing Content

Post snippets can be used as a quote in the new content. Simply place it into inverted commas on your new content, and it will be repurposed without breaking the rules of plag.

However, you should better acknowledge one thing none of your post snippets should carry more than 100 words. Most websites use more words than that, but keep in mind that it shouldn’t be covering the max portion of your content.

Google will still watch your content as brand new if you are using content in snippets and explaining it from a different perspective and through new words.

Using Testimonials for Social Media Content

Your e-learning website receives the ultimate boost from social media platforms. But at a time, you may be lacking content to be published on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram.

So, in such instances, you can use testimonials received on your own website or platform that’s your property. If you are creating a review of something, feel free to copy their testimonials.

To Conclude

In the end, you have learned the strategy used by most content writing service providers to form value-packed content. Remember one thing, Content Repurposing Tips for e-learning objectives isn’t a bad thing until it is used in an exact format without any value addition.